The majority of donations are brought to economically disadvantaged families and individuals in Framingham (where many shelters we serve are as well). Learning how 38% of Framingham students (k-12) ... See more

This morning a 50-bed men's home received: clothes, coats, shoes, and blankets! Thank you donors and a shout to Jim N. for delivering (and much of the donating!)! We can always count on you!

Despite being a little teeny-tiny Ashland based nonprofit, our H2H-ers restore our faith in humanity. Our amazing donors, volunteers, and word-spreaders go out of their way to help our neighbors ... See more

An 8 family shelter is in for a few treats tomorrow 😊 New socks & underwear for moms, feminine products, new baking needs, good-as-new clothing, and other household essentials (blankets, ... See more

Courtesy of our new donor and volunteer Christina, an 8 family Home received: pots & pans (new!), clothes, toiletries, towels, and more! Thank you so much for helping this shelter, the staff were ... See more

Current requests (from 2 Family Homes): girls clothes 9-12 months, pots and pans/ disposable: silverware, plates, cups, coffee cups / baking sheets / diapers.
Thank you and please...spread the word!

Looking around at our work there are a few things that instantly come to my mind,
The ever-increasing number of people who benefit from H2H as we learn the scope of need.
And the big hearts who ... See more

Seeking volunteer to help with medium-size delivery tomorrow between noon and 1 (in Framingham). Please PM if you can help. Thank you!

A new microwave, as well as new socks and underwear for young boys, were purchased today courtesy of 3 ongoing financial supporters. This family (and the social worker who alerted us to their need!) ... See more

We always love and appreciate the support and donations form everyone. Right now, 2 of our fearless leaders are dealing with medical issues. We please ask for your patience as we try to figure this ... See more

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Local giving to those in need

Home2Homes is dedicated to serving families and individuals who are experiencing challenging times, including homelessness and other economic crises. Through your giving and donations, we supply GREAT condition clothing, household items and small furniture. We sort all items we receive by gender, size, season and appropriateness for the needs of those we serve in local shelters or agencies. By doing all of the sorting, we enable the shelter staffs to focus their time helping families and individuals in need.

who do we serve?

We are partnered with SMOC (www.smoc.org) to help their many shelters in the Framingham, Ashland, Hopkinton and Medway vicinity. We also serve the Ashland Youth & Family Services, Ashland Senior Center, Criterion-Middlesex Early Intervention, and Ashland Public Schools.

If your shelter or crisis assistance organization is in the Boston MetroWest area, and you would like to learn more about Home2Homes, please contact us today!

how can you help?

You can DONATE. Great condition clothing (all sizes, gender and ages) and baby/toddler needs; household items (towels, sheets, kitchen items, small appliances); good condition cribs and changing tables. You can also donate financially via our FUNDLY page.

You can VOLUNTEER. Help sort clothing; assist in making deliveries to shelters or transition homes; help pick up items for donation

our stories inspire us!

Watch The WACA-TV Interview!

A Helping Hand...

Sudden loss of employment, and other economic crises can devastate the ability to make ends meet. We provide necessities during challenging times.

Tragedy Strikes...

When a multi-alarm fire caused dozens of families to lose their homes, Home2Homes was there to supply the necessities they needed right away.