H2H Fall Fundraiser

H2H is hosting a Mary Kay Fall fundraiser this Friday September 14, 2018 at a undisclosed location. 
Call or text for the Ashland, MA location details: 508-444-9944.  Mary Kay will be showing off its’ innovative new line of skin care products and fall colors.  
Many free samples and “try before you buy” opportunities will educate you about the best solutions for your skin and tone.
25% of proceeds benefit Home 2 Homes

Home 2 Homes' Rebekah Carter Interview: Boston Voyager Magazine

In the August 28th issue of Boston Voyager, Rebekah goes in-depth on the history of Home 2 Homes and the pathways that have led many to support the organization. 
Read the full article here!

May Day!

Spring has finally arrived and so have requests from our partner organizations. We are currently in need of *great* condition clothing (all sizes, genders), bedding, pots&pans, etc). Our shelter directors and other social service clinicians love our donors. Thank you H2H’ers and let us put a spring in our recipients steps!